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Boardwalk Studio

The Boardwalk Recording Studio is the perfect place to produce your next project. Working with experienced engineers takes the guess work out of the recording process so you can focus on the music. The Boardwalk Studio offers a friendly environment for any project, and with studio time starting at just $40/hour you'll be able to relax knowing that you have time to get just the right take. 

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Head Engineer: Griffin Hall

Griffin Hall is the head engineer for the Boardwalk Studio. He owns and operates Cold Coffee Productions LLC. and holds a B.S. in Digital Audio Production from Utah Valley University. Griffin has been mixing at The Boardwalk, both in the studio and live, since its creation in 2020. He takes a level headed, no nonsense approach to music production that aims to showcase and enhance every bands unique sound.

You can contact Griffin and listen to his portfolio at

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